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HOTD for 11-16-11 A Private Moment Between an Eagle and a Trout

16 Nov

Lunchtime for Our Nation's Symbol

I don’t feel it’s unpatriotic to show our nation’s official bird of prey in this fashion. In this year alone in my part of Minnesota I have seen too many eagles to count– so many, in fact, that seeing them doesn’t make my heart jump like it used to. Okay, yes, my trip to the National Eagle Center in Wabasha was full of heart-jumping moments, especially when I was in a 20×20 room with 6 of the magnificent birds. ┬áThat was stirring. But the birds’ resurgence has led to sightings being much more commonplace. No less awesome, but not as rare. Yay, eagles!


HOTD for 11-8-11 Snowy Owl on Vintage Turquoise

9 Nov

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This fellow is soft, round, and has big yellow eyeballs. He’s somebody I could ┬ábe friends with.


New Feature: HAT OF THE DAY

1 Nov

Why, Hello November!
I believe I promised you that I would post a hat every day until Christmas– and who knows, maybe it’ll even be something I can keep up with indefinitely?

As long as people keep sending hats to thrift stores, I vow to make them into something better!

So here’s the first hat to earn the moniker HAT OF THE DAY.

Chipping Sparrow by scribblenest on etsy

Hat of the Day for Nov 1 – Chipping Sparrow

Here’s a cute little sparrow on a lovely neutral striped wool-blend hat. While sparrows in my backyard are rather annoying due to their unmelodious song, tendency to drive off the more desirable birds like cardinals and chickadees, and ability to drum up enough numbers to finish off an entire block of suet in a day, they’re cute when they’re felt.

Guess what! You can own this piece of history by going to my etsy shopsy: http://etsy.me/sI6Evv