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HOTD for my Birthday! (11-30-11)

30 Nov

Anachronistic? Sure.

Awesome? Completely.

Hat of the Day for Meg's Birthday 11-30-11


Market Day Iowa – Black Friday 2011

27 Nov

I had a wonderful and exhausting Thanksgiving Weekend in Des Moines.  I imposed on a lot of the lovely people of Des Moines to appear on my blog, there are a few shots of my booth before the crowds piled in as well as those beautiful, whimsical, young-at-heart-if-not-in-years people who walked away with some of my creations.

 Thank you, Des Moines Buddies! See you in 2012!

HOTD for 11-16-11 A Private Moment Between an Eagle and a Trout

16 Nov

Lunchtime for Our Nation's Symbol

I don’t feel it’s unpatriotic to show our nation’s official bird of prey in this fashion. In this year alone in my part of Minnesota I have seen too many eagles to count– so many, in fact, that seeing them doesn’t make my heart jump like it used to. Okay, yes, my trip to the National Eagle Center in Wabasha was full of heart-jumping moments, especially when I was in a 20×20 room with 6 of the magnificent birds.  That was stirring. But the birds’ resurgence has led to sightings being much more commonplace. No less awesome, but not as rare. Yay, eagles!

HOTD for 11-15 This Squirrel Might Have a Problem

15 Nov

I’ve written here before about my love/hate relationship to squirrels. I feel it really comes through in this piece. His asymmetric eyeballs are either forced perspective or bely his true insanity.

Hat of the Day 11-10-11 Dots on Stripes

10 Nov

Contrast is a beautiful thing. This motif is one of my favorites: complementary colored concentric circles bubbling around on a field of black and white stripes. I love the energy this composition exudes.

You’ll be ready to take on a snowball fight or a winter run in this hat.

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HOTD for 11-8-11 Snowy Owl on Vintage Turquoise

9 Nov

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This fellow is soft, round, and has big yellow eyeballs. He’s somebody I could  be friends with.

Hat of the Day 11-7-11 Chickadee Pickpocket

7 Nov

Caught in the act! This little chickadee went looking for a lunch in the pocket of this little brown hat. Don’t ask me why there’s a pocket on this hat or why there’s a long green worm nosing around in there. That’s just the way it is, all right?

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HOTD 11-4-11 Owl in Bunny Slippers

4 Nov

I wanted to call this hat “It’s Easier to Wear Slippers Than to Carpet the Whole World” my favorite Stewart Smalley quote.  Look inward and change what you can rather than trying to make the world bend to your needs. Profound thought in a funny package.  That’s at the heart of all the scribblenest brand products.

This poor little owl just needs to take a day off and relax.

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Not on etsy yetsy, but check back tomorrow…

Hat of the Day 11-2-11

2 Nov

Here it is!

A lovely little number, hot off the felting needles!

HOTD 11-2-11 Nest

HOTD 11-2-11 Nest

This is a finely knit acrylic toque in a vivid light blue with a coiled up nest of soft-mocha colored yarn which comfortably nestles three hand-felted robin’s eggs. You can own this one-of-a-kind cozy hat by going to my shop on etsy. All-riiight.

Hello world!

22 May

I‘m new here, but boy do I have a lot to show you! I’ll have to get on the other computer to post images, so this is just a sample post as I play with themes.  This is going to be really fun as I upload photos of my sculptures and

 write a little about them.  I could even link to my etsy site since I can’t accept payment through a blog.